НАССРЕR Dezmatta
Solution for reducing the risk of cross contamination
НАССРЕR Dezmatta - Mats are specially designed for the disinfection of the shoe soles, trolley wheels at food industry enterprises, retail trade, food production, medical institutions and laboratories, cosmetics, industrial and pharmaceutical enterprises.

A large loop structure provides better wetting of the shoe soles, the trolley wheels, as well as an excellent washing from disinfectant solution in the process of operation.

For visual inspection purposes, the mats are produced in three colors - gray, red and blue. It is recommended to divide these mats according to the degree of microbiological contamination risk, where the gray color is a low risk level, the red color is a high level of risk, and the blue color is an average risk level in accordance with HACCP principles.
You can use both one-section and two-section mats. The following ways of applications are recommended:

1. One-section mats (900х1200 mm) are used for places with large amount of traffic, where there is no need to dry the sole.
2. Two-section mats (950x650 mm) - one section is filled with a disinfectant solution, and the second one remains dry. These mats are necessary for conditionally dry premises.
3. Two-section mats (950x650 mm) - one section is filled with a disinfectant solution, and the second one is covered with a special disposable fast absorbent coating HACCPED Drymatta. These mats are necessary for disinfection and removal of excess moisture from the shoe soles or trolley wheels in premises in which a low level of humidity should be maintained.
Mats are made of polyvinyl chloride, ensure long-term use and resistance to disinfectants
The mat's edges and bottom form a reservoir for filling with a disinfectant solution. Use of the mat together with a disinfectant solution reduces the risk of cross contamination .
The sloping edge does not prevent the trolleys from moving.
How to use:
It is important to consider that НАССРЕR Dezmatta does not have a disinfectant effect by itself but a disinfectant solution need to be used for these purposes! Before use, read the instructions.
Place the mat in front of the entrance to the premise ("clean area").
Fill the mat with a disinfectant solution prepared in accordance with the instructions. The mat is ready for use.
For disinfection of the shoe soles step on the disinfectant mat.
Remove excess of disinfectant by stepping to the second (dry) section* of the mat. Step off the mat.
*Using a two - section mat.
In order to ensure effective disinfection and extend the life cycle of the disinfectant mat, clean the shoes of dirt beforehand.
It is recommended to change the solution at least once per shift. When replacing the working solution the mat must be rinsed under running water and dried.
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